About Us

  • Founded in 2001
  • Specializing in product development
  • Launched Retail Security Group in 2003 offering full "turn-key" security solutions for cash handling, card processing & protection and video surveillance
  • Actively involved in investigations of skimming cases with serveral local and federal law enforcement agencies

We offer a variety of systems that will both protect the magnetic stripe data and customer's PIN. Additionally, we have systems that can detect a skimming attempt and alert management and law enforcement - REAL TIME!

In order to prevent the criminal from successfully duplicating and using ATM cards, ideally both, but at least one of the two key items, the bank account information and the PIN, should be prevented from being captured.

ATM Card skimming is attracting new criminal elements each day. The Risks are low and the rewards are high. All signs indicate that skimming will continue to be a fast growing crime...

Skimming is the process of reading an ATM card's account information from the magnetic strip of the card without the owner's knowledge or authorization.

The criminal needs to acquire two key pieces of information.